Saturday, February 9, 2013

Golden Corral Nutrition is a Healthy and Wise Choice!

Golden Corral restaurant was founded 40 years ago in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Nowadays it is considered to be one of the most widely known restaurants in the USA. Surely, it is also known in many other countries for its quality and healthy food. Sometimes it is rather difficult to control the calorie intake when dining out. Fortunately, Golden Corral restaurant can offer you a range of low-calorie foods. What is more, Golden Corral nutrition facts about the amount of fat, calories, sodium, carbohydrates and protein are available for the customers.

Why Is Golden Corral Menu So Popular?

Golden Corral offers various healthy foods from vegetables and garden fresh fruits to hand breaded fried chicken and USDA steak; from salads and tasty appetizers to delicious entrees and tempting desserts. A wonderful family atmosphere of this restaurant would be perfect for people of all ages. Moreover, Golden Corral menu prices are quite affordable. In case you have kids that are really hard to please, Golden Corral dessert buffet will be the best choice for them! Who doesn't love cakes, pies, ice cream or brownies?

Golden Corral locations

The company had a great start: it had 500 restaurants by 1987 and gross sales were over $1.53 billion, but most of those restaurants were franchised (about 120 out of 500 were company-owned).
Also, in 1987, the company decided to start franchising “restaurants in need” by licensing them. Although the idea seemed great, it failed due to a number of reasons and sales started to fall. Because of this, the company management sacrificed the capacity of most restaurants, but added salad bars to all locations. Also, the parking lots of some restaurants were decreased to make an addition to the building.  

Golden Corral Coupons: Dine Deliciously With Discounts

Golden Corral is a well-known restaurant with 20 years of history. At first, it was a steakhouse, but for years it has overcome many changes and now it forms a big network of eating houses with a full buffet style. It provides various meals including seafood, chicken dishes, steaks, and others. In addition, Golden Corral is a family restaurant, that’s why it releases promotions and best deals for parents and children. It also provides special offers for kids. Besides that, there are other kinds of coupons which help to save money even for one person. It is very easy to find those promotional coupons because there are several sources with these deals including newspapers and the Internet.

Golden Corral Restaurant

The company is privately owned by active founder and corporate senior management. The franchise’s advisory council consists of 18 franchisees, that are selected by their peers.
Golden Corral always tries to satisfy ever changing customer preferences. The company earned the prestigious “Menu Master Award” and the national “Menu Strategist Award” in 2005.
Golden Corral restaurants also received positive reviews from “Restaurant Business” magazine, which said that the company produces great results in its class and unique menu items that emphasize unique flavors along with ethnic tastes.